The 5 Greatest Dorm Posters (As Chosen by the Editors of MAD Magazine) #3: Yecch-fast at Alfred E.'s

The 5 Greatest Dorm Posters (As Chosen by the Editors of...

By The Editors Friday, July 18th, 2014


Some things about college never change — and we’re not just talking about the rampant drinking, plagiarism, and sex scandals! We’re talking about the ubiquitous posters which have adorned dorm walls for decades. If you're heading off to college next month and are unsure which posters you should hang, we’re here to help. Despite the fact that not a single member of the MAD staff ever attended college — let alone graduated — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to select the greatest dorm posters of all time! 

Check back every hour for the next poster in our countdown!

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