Don Martin: Last Week in a Freensville Diner

Don Martin: Last Week in a Freensville Diner

By The Editors Friday, July 4th, 2014


Welcome to another installment of “Special Request” — where we fulfill a MAD fan’s, uh….special request! Recently, we got this message (warning, includes SPOILERS!):

There was another Don Martin of a guy eating soup in a highway diner. After a few frames of Don’s sound effects of the guy eating his soup, the waitress says "How’s the soup, Mac?" He pushes the soup away and says " too noisy." Any chance you could post it? —Bill feels like it loses something in the retelling — so here’s the real deal, Bill! And for the rest of you — dare to dream (very small dreams)! “Like” us on Facebook and tell us if there’s a MAD piece you want to see (Don Martin or other) – we just may run it!

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From MAD #233, September 1982
Writer and Artist: Don Martin 

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