"Duck Dynasty" Presents: “Homophobic Sh*t My Dad Says”

"Duck Dynasty" Presents: “Homophobic Sh*t My Dad...

By The Editors Friday, December 20th, 2013


Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is in a bit of Duck Soup after his controversial statements about homosexuality and race relations got him suspended indefinitely from the hit A&E show. There was a predictable outcry from similar non-thinkers, including Sarah Palin (who recently criticized Pope Francis as being “too liberal” over his Jesus-like statements) and Sen. Ted Cruz, who wrongly asserted that Robertson’s “First Amendment rights” were somehow infringed upon. We’re sure Phil will be back on the show faster than Brian returned to Family Guy, and the clan, never one to pass up a marketing opportunity, will turn this incident into a money-maker as well.

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