MAD "Celebrity" Snaps: Bad Grandpa

MAD "Celebrity" Snaps: Bad Grandpa

By The Editors Friday, October 25th, 2013


Johnny Knoxville has the distinction of being the only (and cheapest!) celebrity to send in a Celebrity Snap of himself in order to get a free MAD subscription. So it shouldn't be surprising that his colleague Irving Zisman, star of the new movie Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa, would pull the exact same stunt. Shameful.

dear mad,

It's my understanding that when you send in a photo with a celebrity holding your magazine, you get a free prescription for it. Well since the genioses from jackass made a hole movie about my life I figure I'm a celebrity now. So can u send a prescription of Viagra to me, irving zisman at the below address? thanks.

also don't forget go see my movie Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa when it releases (heh heh releases) on October 25th!!! You'll be happier than a proctologist with a new flashlight you did.

Wahoo and Sincerely,
Irving "Irv the Perv" Zisman

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