MAD Legends at the MAD Office!

MAD Legends at the MAD Office!

By The Editors Monday, July 29th, 2013


The MAD offices were host to a number of MAD luminaries (we use the term loosely) on Thursday, including Paul Coker, Drew Friedman, Tom Richmond, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Desmond Devlin, Tom Bunk and Irving Schild! And in case you don’t believe us, we’ve got the photo to prove it! (Click the image to make it bigger!) 

MAD MAGAZINE THE IDIOTICAL MAD Legends at the MAD Office!  MAD Events, MAD Photos, Dick DeBartolo, Alan Bernstein, Doug Gilford, Dave Croatto, Tom Richmond, Doug Thomson, Sam Viviano, Ryan Flanders, John Ficarra, Lana Limón, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Paul Coker, Irving Schild, Tom Bunk, Charlie Kadau, Drew Friedman, Desmond Devlin, World B. Free

In roughly clockwise order, starting from the lower left:

Writer Dick DeBartolo, filmmakers Alan Bernstein and Doug Gilford, Editor Dave Croatto, artist Tom Richmond, Assistant Art Director Doug Thomson, Art Director Sam Viviano, Associate Art Director Ryan Flanders, Executive Editor John Ficarra, Production Artist Lana Limón, writer/artist Teresa Burns Parkhurst, artist Paul Coker, photographer Irving Schild, artist Tom Bunkwriter Desmond Devlin, Senior Editor Charlie Kadauartist Drew Friedman