Bob Clarke Article Gallery

Bob Clarke Article Gallery

By The Editors Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

We selected some of our favorite work by Bob Clarke from over his many years with MAD.

"John Wilkes Booth Liquor Ad"
MAD #78, April 1963

"Canadian Club Liquor Ad"
Photographer: Lester Krauss
MAD #94, April 1965

"MAD'S Modern Believe It or Nuts!"
Writer: Arnie Kogen
MAD #161, September 1973

"Spy Vs. Spy" 
Writer: Duck Edwing
MAD #273, September 1987

"When Other Comic Strips Start Using The Far Side Formula"
Writer: Charlie Kadau
MAD #280, July 1988

"A Mad Look at the Joys of Scuba Diving"
Writers: Al Jaffee and Dick DeBartolo   
MAD #106, October, 1966

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