Celebrity Snaps: Robert Pattinson on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Celebrity Snaps: Robert Pattinson on "Jimmy Kimmel...

By The Editors Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

On Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel asked Twilight’s mumbly dreamboat Robert Pattinson about his appearance on the cover of MAD #518 — and they even posed with a copy! You can watch the clip here (at the 2:30 mark) — Pattinson actually compliments cover artist Mark Fredrickson’s caricature, saying it looks like “a better version of me.” Sweet of you to say, Bobby — but, in truth, we would’ve been hard-pressed to come up with a WORSE version of you! Thanks, Jimmy — your complimentary “Celebrity Snap” subscription is in the mail!

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