"CBS Sunday Morning" Visits the MAD Offices!

"CBS Sunday Morning" Visits the MAD Offices!

By The Editors Friday, October 19th, 2012

Yesterday, Mo Rocca and the crew from CBS Sunday Morning swung by the MAD offices to shoot a piece about MAD's 60th Anniversary (with an inadvertent side story about the show’s slide in journalistic integrity). The segment is going to air on Sunday (duh!) October 28th — so be sure to tune in. And in the meantime, here’s some oh-so-enticing shots of the Usual Gang of Idiots hanging out during the day of filming!

mad magazine the idiotical cbs sunday morning mo rocca celebrity snap
Mo Rocca generously pretends to enjoy our latest issue.
(MAD #518, on sale everywhere next week!)

mad magazine the idiotical tom richmond pat merrell mad offices
Writer-artist Patrick Merrell and artist Tom Richmond
moments before their epic 45-minute arm wrestling match.

mad magazine the idiotical sam viviano james warhola
Art Director Sam Viviano can't believe he convinced artist James Warhola
to illustrate a new piece for our MAD 20 Dumbest of 2012!

mad magazine the idiotical cbs sunday morning peter kuper mad offices camera crew
The CBS camera crew peeks in on Assistant Art Director Ryan Flanders while he
checks Facebook. That's Spy vs Spy writer-artist Peter Kuper peeking out.

mad magazine the idiotical peter kuper mad offices working spy vs spy cbs sunday morning
A rare sight: Peter Kuper working in the MAD offices rather than at his home studio.
(Of course, ANY sighting of Peter working is a rare one.)

mad magazine the idiotical matt lassen dave croatto jacob lambert
A much more common sight in the MAD offices: writers and editors standing around doing nothing.
That's writer Matt Lassen, Associate Editor Jacob Lambert and Associate Editor Dave Croatto.

mad magazine the idiotical tom richmond al jaffee
Having vanquished Patrick Merrell, Tom Richmond sizes up writer-artist Al Jaffee.
Jaffee crushed him.

mad magazine the idiotical dick debartolo tom bunk
Artist Tom Bunk gives a friendly squeeze to MAD's Maddest writer Dick DeBartolo.
If you combined the facial hair on these two, you'd have one very impressive goatee. 

mad magazine the idiotical spy vs spy peter kuper working mad office
Peter Kuper's still at it. Hey, you show up at the MAD office
without your art finished, we're chaining you to the desk.

mad magazine the idiotical cbs sunday morning mo rocca usual gang of idiots jacob lambert matt lassen tom richmond dick debartolo john ficarra al jaffee ryan flanders sam viviano doug thomson dave croatto charlie kadau tom bunk peter kuper joe raiola james warhola desmond devlin
Even after a long day spent with the Usual Gang of Idiots, Mo Rocca is still smiling! 

Back row: Jacob Lambert, Matt Lassen, Tom Richmond, Dick DeBartolo,
Editor John Ficarra, Al Jaffee, Ryan Flanders, Sam Viviano,
Production Artist Doug Thomson, Dave Croatto, Senior Editor Charlie Kadau

Seated behind Mo: Tom Bunk, Peter Kuper, Senior Editor Joe Raiola, 
Writer Desmond Devlin and James Warhola