MAD at New York Comic Con 2012 — UPDATED

MAD at New York Comic Con 2012 — UPDATED

By The Editors Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Mad magazine the idiotical madropolitan museum of art new york comic con bane dark knight batman

New York Comic Con starts tonight and MAD will there! Here are the MAD-centric "highlights":

• Stop by the DC Entertainment booth to see the MADropolitan Museum of Art, a mini-gallery chock full of classic MAD super-hero parodies!

Mad magazine the idiotical madropolitan museum of art new york comic con

mad magazine the idiotical alfred e neuman fan appreciation cover dave croatto nycc new york comic con greenscreen

 While at the DC booth, you can have your photo taken to appear on a MAD Magazine cover with Alfred E. Neuman! And if you're looking for a cheap Halloween costume, we'll be giving away Alfred masks! (Hurry, there's a limited number of masks.)

 This weekend is your chance to show us you have what it takes to draw for MAD, as we'll be part of the DC Talent Search! In order for us to see your work, you MUST attend a Talent Search panel on either Friday or Saturday morning. To find out more, click here for Friday and here for Saturday.

 Of course, the big event is the "Mad About MAD" panel on Saturday at 12:15pm, where you'll hear MAD artists Drew FriedmanAl Jaffee and Peter Kuper talk about the ins and outs of making our dumb magazine with MAD Editor John Ficarra and Art Director Sam VivianoOne lucky panel attendee will be taking home our brand new 60th anniversary book Totally MAD! (On sale October 30.) Other prizes will be awarded for the best questions, including copies of our new issue featuring Twilight, which won't be on sale until after the Con! For more info on the panel, click here.

 Last but certainly not least: Drew, Peter, John and Sam will be signing autographs BEFORE the panel, from 11am to 12pm on Saturday, at the DC Entertainment booth!

We'll see you in New York City! Try the bagels!