MAD at New York Comic Con 2012

MAD at New York Comic Con 2012

By The Editors Friday, October 5th, 2012

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mad magazine the idiotical totally mad 60th anniversary book alfred e neumanNew York Comic Con is next weekend and MAD will be in attendance! Join us on Saturday, October 13 for the "Mad About MAD" panel at 12:15 pm, where you'll hear MAD artists Drew Friedman, Al Jaffee and Peter Kuper talk about the ins and outs of making our dumb magazine with MAD Editor John Ficarra and Art Director Sam VivianoOne lucky panel attendee will taking home our brand new 60th anniversary book Totally MAD, and other prizes will be awarded for the best questions. (For more info on the panel, click here.) 

Be sure to get to the Con early, because Drew, Peter, John and Sam will be signing at the DC Entertainment booth on Saturday morning from 11am to 12pm!

If you're not the fortunate soul who'll be lugging around their shiny new copy of Totally MAD after the panel, don't despair: it'll be available to buy on October 30th, and you can preorder it NOW by clicking here!