Lindsay Lohan in "Grand Theft LiLo"

Lindsay Lohan in "Grand Theft LiLo"

By The Editors Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Oh Lindsay. The full-time train-wreck (and acting hobbyist) was accused this week of stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry and sunglasses from a friend’s house. And it looked like she might actually have to face the music...until the victim decided he didn’t want to press charges. But that’s par for the course for Lohan, who’s suffered almost no repercussions for (ready?): multiple drunk driving arrests, a few alleged hit and runs, blowing off court dates and counseling appointments, failing drug and alcohol tests, and — oh yeah — being convicted FOR STEALING JEWELRY back in 2011! And we haven’t even mentioned the unforgiveable atrocity of making Herbie Fully Loaded! Somehow her crimes have no consequences. The whole thing is like one big game. 

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