Why are Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezys So Expensive?

Why are Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezys So Expensive?

By The Editors Friday, June 8th, 2012

On Saturday, the Air Yeezy 2 will go on sale with a bonkers price tag of $245. But prices on eBay for the Nike/Kanye West collaboration have skyrocketed, with a pair reportedly pre-selling for over 350% of their retail value! That’s almost as inflated as Kanye’s ego! The amount of money people are willing to shell out for the sneakers points either to an economy that is finally getting stronger, or (more likely) that people are just getting dumber. So while we’re all camped out on line outside the Nike store, we thought we’d give you an idea of just what we’ll be paying for.

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