Al-Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahri Starring in "Drone Alone"

Al-Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahri Starring in "Drone...

By The Editors Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

President Obama’s relentless drone attacks on top Al-Qaeda members have made a real impact, systematically wiping out the top echelon of the terrorist network. Most recently, a missile took out the group’s “number two” man, Abu Yahya al-Libi. And although Abu now gets to live the good (after)life with 72 virgins, he leaves behind the last known leader (and perhaps last remaining member) of Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri. Cave life for Ayman must be pretty lonely — but don't worry, Ayman, even if President Obama goes on vacation, we don't think he’ll be forgetting you. 

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