Celebrity Snaps: 'Mad Men'

Celebrity Snaps: 'Mad Men'

By The Editors Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Mad Men fans have waited over a year and a half for the show to return, and this Sunday the first episode of season five will finally debut. Let's just hope series creator Matthew Weiner (second from left) didn't use these copies of MAD for inspiration.

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From left to right: Jon Hamm, Matthew Weiner, John Slattery, Vincent Kartheiser and Bryan Batt     Photo: Vic Arkoff

Bonus Mad Men Celebrity Snap! MAD artist Tom Richmond (that's him on the left) caught up with actor Rich Sommer (who plays Harry Crane on Mad Men) and showed him the spoof of the show that Tom illustrated in MAD #509. Obviously, Rich is unhappy. It’s not clear if it’s because he works on Mad Men, or is just a huge fan of Justin Bieber. 

MAD Magazine Celebrity Snaps Tom Richmond Rich Sommer Mad Men

Thanks to Tom for the photo!