Celebrity Rock Paper Scissors

Celebrity Rock Paper Scissors

By DCE Editorial Friday, October 14th, 2011
All of your favorite stars are playing…without even realizing it. Let the games begin!

Will.i.am throws...ROCK!


But Jay-Z beats him with…PAPER!


But Justin Bieber beats that by throwing…SCISSORS!


Only to be defeated when Sarah Palin throws…ROCK!


Which is covered by Robert Pattinson’s…PAPER!


Which gets cut by Samantha Ronson’s…SCISSORS!


Which gets smashed by Lil Wayne’s…ROCK!


Which gets covered by LeBron James’...PAPER!


But The Situation slices through it with his…SCISSORS!


But Pauly D smashes them with…ROCK! (Not cool, bro!)


Which gets covered by Hitler’s…PAPER!


Which is defeated by Churchill’s…SCISSORS! (Whew!)


But those get smashed by Katy Perry’s…ROCK!


But that gets beaten by President Obama’s…PAPER!


Which gets cut by Nixon’s…DOUBLE SCISSORS!!! (Cheater!)


But Superman saves the day by throwing…DOUBLE ROCKS!



Congratulations to the Man of Steel!

Writer: Dave Croatto
Photos: Will.i.am: Moses Namkung; Jay-Z: chickswithguns; Justin Bieber: Kevin Aranibar; Sarah Palin: Roger H. Goun; Robert Pattinson: Nicolas Genin; Samantha Ronson: Roman Pinzon-Soto; LeBron James: David Shankbone; Adolf Hitler: Bundesarchiv; Katy Perry: José Goulão