Be Afraid! "Horrifyingly MAD" — A New Book Exclusive to Barnes & Noble!

Be Afraid! "Horrifyingly MAD" — A New Book...

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
Why wait to be horrified by the next Republican Presidential debate when you can simply go on down to your local Barnes & Noble (or and pick up a copy of the latest MAD book? This soon-to-be-bestseller contains such classic MAD movie satires as The Ecchorcist, Rosemia’s Boo-Boo, The Bland Witch Project and The Calamityville Horror. Plus Sergio Aragones’ A MAD Look At…A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Mummy, Zombies and The Twilight Saga. Plus many, many more delightful articles that we could list here, but nobody reads long blog posts. Who has the time or the attention span? In fact, we would bet very, very few readers are still reading the very words that we’re typing right now. And even those of you who are still ”reading” are probably skimming at best, and you’re mere nano-seconds away from dumping out and going to some sick, twisted site that makes you feel "special” in a way that makes us want to take a shower. Oh, a shower. You’d like that now, wouldn’t you? All nice and wet and sudsy? Get some help, creep.

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