The Startling Similarities and Disturbing Differences between Kate Plus 8 and Borders Bookstore Both Ending Their Runs This Week

The Startling Similarities and Disturbing Differences...

By DCE Editorial Monday, September 12th, 2011
Borders Bookstore closes its doors for good this week, the same week Kate Gosselin’s show Kate Plus 8 ends its infamous run on TLC. Two disparate stories with nothing in common? Think again.

    • John Gosselin hasn’t been in either in years • Borders problems started when they expanded too much too quickly. Ditto Kate’s uterus • The wind rushing through the empty Borders Store is identical to the sound of the wind rushing through Kate’s empty head • Borders already took 90% off, Kate is still mulling the Playboy offer • Borders went out of business because we’ve become a country of shallow, anti-intellectual non-readers, ironically the very reasons Kate’s show became popular in the first place