Florida Marlins Hire 80-Year-Old Manager

Florida Marlins Hire 80-Year-Old Manager

By DCE Editorial Monday, June 20th, 2011
After going 1-18 in June (and the month ain’t over yet!) Florida Marlins' manager Edwin Rodriguez decided to quit before the team had a chance to fire him. In a bold move, the Marlins immediately hired Jack McKeon as interim manager. We have nothing against McKeon, but HE’S 80 FRICKIN’ YEARS OLD!!!! Wasn’t there some fresh-faced 65-year old in their farm system that they wanted to give a shot to?!? The Marlins will learn the error of their ways fast enough as they check off this starting lineup of…


Florida Marlins Walker …He frequently leaves day games by the 6th inning so he can make the Early Bird Specials …He uses a walker on trips to the mound. …After being ejected from a game, he flings his teeth at the umpire. …His bobble head doesn’t bobble as much as his actual head. …While everyone else is stretching, he takes a 7th inning nap. …When his team wins the division, he douses players in the locker room with Metamucil. …He remembers playing with Babe Ruth — in little league.

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