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The MAD Strip Club — Father O' Flannity's Hot Tub Confessions: Lady Gaga

Father O' Flannity's hot tub: where all the big names go to find absolution for their most heinous sins. But can even our congenial man of the cloth keep Lady Gaga from plunging to new depths? Father O' is written and drawn by "Gentleman Cartoonist" Keith Knight. You'll see more confessions soon!

Spy Vs. Spy Custom Toy Project: Claw Money

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary! Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary who? Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary, celebrated with awesome custom action figures! Sorry — that was terrible. But what ISN’T terrible is this ridiculously and outrageously great design from Claw Money! Let its awesomeness take away the pain of that knock knock joke. Shhhh…it’s okay.