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Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Fear Updated

At one of the darkest times in our country’s history, Pearl Harbor and World War II, Norman Rockwell, inspired by a speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, painted his “Four Freedoms” series. Each of the paintings depicts  a fundamental freedom that people everywhere in the world ought to enjoy — freedom of Speech and Worship, and freedom from Want and Fear. Tragically, three days ago in Newtown, Connecticut, one of these freedoms again came under assault.

How the Students of Chicago Have Spent the Past Week


For the past week, Chicago’s teachers have been on strike — which means that for the past week, Chicago’s students played hooky legally! Although the media have covered the talks between the teachers, the politicians and a tentative agreement, there’s been little talk about what the students were up to! And, to us, that’s the real story! Which is why we took everything we knew about Chicago (1: they have deep dish pizza, 2: it’s called “The Windy City”) and dug even deeper to find out…

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