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Why the Miami Heat Won’t Set the NBA Record for Most Consecutive Wins


The Miami Heat have won 26 games in a row! (Not to be confused with the Charlotte Bobcats — who had 26 people in the stands at their last game.) Right now, the Heat are on pace to beat the Lakers’ 33-game winning streak to have the longest winning streak in NBA history! And even though we’d love to root for a scrappy underdog like LeBron, we have a terrible feeling that it’s not going to happen.

Pitfalls of Taking Kate Upton to Your Prom


They say that high school is the best years of your life. And while that’s normally a bunch of nonsense, it’s probably the case for Jake Davidson. The gutsy senior posted a video on YouTube asking Kate Upton to be his prom date…and it looks like she may actually go! Still, even though it seems like a dream come true, before Jakey puts down a deposit on the limo, he may want to first consider these…

Lindsay Lohan’s Pathetic New Movie


When Lindsay Lohan yesterday accepted a plea deal for driving into a dump truck, part of the agreement was that she’d do 90 days of hard rehab. We’re not sure that this is going to help all that much, but at the very least, her latest legal episode will provide fodder for her big comeback movie.

Kim Jong Un's Crazy New Movie


North Korea’s supreme leader, the pudgy, 30-year-old Kim Jong Un, keeps issuing nuclear threats from his crumbling peninsula (when he’s not entertaining semi-forgotten NBA rebounders, of course) — threatening to attack South Korea, the United States, and possibly parts of Guam. While nobody’s quite sure how seriously to take this guy, one thing is for certain: the whole ridiculous episode is starting to feel like a bad movie.

New Ad Reflects the Reality of a Carnival Cruise

For the second time in a month, a Carnival Cruise ship — this one called “The Dream” and henceforth known as “The Nightmare” — is suffering power outages and pesky plumbing problems. Note: by “pesky plumbing problems,” we mean what passengers call “large amount of human waste all over the floor in bathrooms and staterooms.” On the positive side, we hear the view from the stench-ridden cabins is lovely this time of year.


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