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O.J. Simpson Tweets About the Aaron Hernandez Case


Things keep getting worse for former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, who is under investigation for a 2012 double murder in Boston at the same time a case proceeds against him for the murder of a “friend.” Virtually nobody is proclaiming Hernandez’s innocence, and he seems destined for a life of dirty bunkbeds and sharpened toothbrush handles. Is there anyone out there who can sympathize with this guy? Funny you should ask…

A Selfie We'd Like to See: Donald Trump

Recently, Donald Trump posted a tweet about Jon Stewart that many felt was anti-Semitic. We don’t want to go after Trump for being religiously insensitive — after all, there are so many larger reasons to hate him! This is really just the tip of the disgusting, attention-whoring iceberg. Still, if he’s going to be active on social media, he should really go for the full experience. And we’re happy to help with our new feature, "A Selfie We'd Like to See."


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