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The Lone Ranger and Tonto: Despicable Them


Disney’s big summer movie, The Lone Ranger, opened last week — and although it got savaged by the critics, it made up for those poor reviews by getting absolutely demolished at the box office by Despicable Me. Since nobody gave a sweet kemosabe about the masked man, maybe the filmmakers would’ve done better if they’d mooched off the success of an actual hit…

Classic MAD: Remembering General Patton on the Anniversary of D-Day


Today marks the 69th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy. It was a major turning point in World War II and we are all indebted to the brave actions and sacrifices of those soldiers. We’d love to pay them a wonderful and fitting tribute...but as a poor substitute, we’re offering the cover and opening pages of our classic spoof of Patton from 1971.


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