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Artist Spotlight: John Caldwell


John Caldwell is no clown. But John Caldwell knows clowns! (See what we did there?) Anyhow, here are a few pieces of art from the longtime MAD cartoonist's latest, "The Startling Similarities Bewteen Harvard University and Clown College". After you've had a hearty giggle looking at these, check out some more of John's work for MAD here, then go spend some time on Mr.

Signs You’re Suffering from March Madness


It starts with 64...then there’s 32...then 16...then 8...until it’s finally down to just four survivors! Some new reality show? Perhaps! But we’re talking about America’s inexplicable obsession with the college basketball tournament! How about you? Are you addicted to hardwood? Maybe you'll recognize the symptoms in this classic piece by John Caldwell from MAD #403

The MAD 9-11 Cover — The Untold Story

The cover of MAD # 411, which went on sale shortly after the 9-11 attack, was not the cover originally planned for that issue. In fact, another cover was already printed and awaiting to be bound with the magazine’s interior pages when the attack occurred. The working title of the planned cover was “The New York City Marathon” and it was written and illustrated by longtime MAD contributor John Caldwell.


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