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The Real Cause of the Recent Airplane-Bird Collisions


Over the last two weeks, collisions with birds have forced two planes to make emergency returns to New York City area airports. It's a problem that stretches back to 2009, when Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger famously ditched the Airbus he was piloting into the Hudson River after a birdstrike disabled the plane's engines.

Signs You’re Suffering from March Madness


It starts with 64...then there’s 32...then 16...then 8...until it’s finally down to just four survivors! Some new reality show? Perhaps! But we’re talking about America’s inexplicable obsession with the college basketball tournament! How about you? Are you addicted to hardwood? Maybe you'll recognize the symptoms in this classic piece by John Caldwell from MAD #403

Updated Candy Hearts

It’s that time of year again — Valentine’s Day! And what better way to express one’s love than with cheap, chalky candy hearts? In fact, the only thing worse than the taste is the bland messages printed on them — which is why we’re proud to present this classic MAD piece offering our alternatives!


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