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The Further Adventures of Obama Head-Touch Boy


The New York Times today published an article about 5-year-old Jacob Philadelphia, who, on a visit to the Oval Office in 2009, asked President Obama if he could feel his hair (a question that will definitely never be asked if Mitt Romney wins in November). A photographer captured the heartwarming moment, and the photo has hung in the White House ever sinc

The Obama Dive Bar Girl — What Was She Saying?


By now you’ve seen this picture of “dive bar girl” Madalyn Starkey posing with the President. You know the face. You know the point. But you don’t know what she said! Or do you?!? (You’re so secretive, you little minx, you!) We wrote a few ourselves — click through and share your own in the comments section!  

Surprising Discoveries Made at the White House Easter Egg Roll


Today the White House hosted its annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn. We weren’t invited (thanks to an incident last year involving lawn darts and David Axelrod — who’s recovering nicely, we’re happy to report) but many children were. And plenty of unlucky kids rolled their eggs off course into the treacherous fringes of the lawn — where they made some pretty startling discoveries.

‘The Idiotical’ Top 12 of 2011: #1

We've been counting down our top 12 posts of 2011, and it's finally time for #1! 2011 was yet another year when government officials just couldn't get out of their own way. Unlike the Harry Potter saga's conclusion, which thrilled millions of moviegoers, Barack Obama and John Boehner's continuing economic conflict shows no signs of resolving in a manner that will satisfy anyone at all. This post is from mid-July, and these two are still going at it!


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