Elite Press Attacks Newt Gingrich

Fresh on the heels of last night’s CNN debate, where moderator John King asked Newt Gingrich about allegations that he wanted an open marriage, and Gingrich responded with a blistering charge that the liberal media was attacking him while protecting Obama, this explosive newspaper appeared on newsstands this morning. We always thought the former House Speaker was an egotistical, paranoid blowhard. And after reading this, we’re more convinced than ever.

Newt Gingrich's Laws of Physics

Back in 1995, when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, we applied Sir Issac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion to Speaker "Newton" Gingrich's political career. The results were groundbreaking. With Gingrich’s recent sudden emergence as the front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination, we went back and took another look at our original presentation. We were stunned at how well our hypothesis held up and what little updating was required to once again scientifically and conclusively prove that Newt is an arrogant, two-faced buffoon.
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