MAD’s Suggestion For the New Trillion-Dollar Coin


As the Republican Congress and President Obama continue to haggle over raising the debt ceiling, it’s been mentioned that an old Treasury rule can allow the President to skirt the issue by minting a trillion dollar coin. If such a ridiculous gimmick were to happen, whose face should grace this coin? President Obama’s? House Speaker John Boehner’s? We humbly submit that there is only one face truly suited to symbolize the stupidity and dysfunction of Washington, D.C. And that face is...well, you know who!

‘The Idiotical’ Top 12 of 2011: #1

We've been counting down our top 12 posts of 2011, and it's finally time for #1! 2011 was yet another year when government officials just couldn't get out of their own way. Unlike the Harry Potter saga's conclusion, which thrilled millions of moviegoers, Barack Obama and John Boehner's continuing economic conflict shows no signs of resolving in a manner that will satisfy anyone at all. This post is from mid-July, and these two are still going at it!


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