Apple's New Tax-Dodging App


Apple is known for being amazing innovators in the field of electronics — but apparently they’re also ingeniously inventive when it comes to avoiding paying taxes! It was recently revealed that the company established an elaborate system of shell companies in various countries that let them avoid paying TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars in taxes! Stiffing Uncle Sam? There’s an app for that!

"MAD About Obama: Yes We Can’t!" New MAD eBook Available Today!


Just in time for the big Obama-Romney smackdown, here comes MAD About Obama: Yes We Can’t! What’s that, you ask? It’s the first ever exclusive eBook for the MAD iPad app! This 135 page collection chronicles Barry Hussein’s meteoric rise from inspiring candidate to uninspiring President!

"Bo Confidential" Available Exclusively on the MAD iPad App!


Do you love dogs? And satire? But do you also HATE paper? Boy oh boy do we have some good news for you, Bucky! Bo Confidential: The Secret Files of America’s First Dog is now available on your iPad — and ONLY through the MAD app! Written by the Usual Gang of Idiots and illustrated by Tom Richmond, it’s a can’t-miss download. So let us ask you — how much would you pay for this amazing product? Fifteen dollars? Twenty-five? Thirty-five?

The Least-Funded Kickstarter Campaigns Ever

Recently, cartoonist Rich Burlew raised a mind-melting $1.2 million to produce a print version of The Order of the Stick, his role-playing themed webcomic. How did Burlew do it? Through a nifty online quasi-Ponzi begfest known as Kickstarter. But for every Order of the Stick success story, there are countless failures.

Apple Responds to Mistreated Workers’ Allegations with New Ad

Recently, Apple Inc. has come under fire for the labor violations of their suppliers in China. Long hours, unsafe working conditions and a shamefully inconsistent policy on “Casual Fridays” are just some of the complaints being voiced. But Apple, always the nimble marketer, is responding quickly to the situation. Not by improving the conditions, but using the tragic events as an advertising tool.


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