Surprising Discoveries Made at the White House Easter Egg Roll


Today the White House hosted its annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn. We weren’t invited (thanks to an incident last year involving lawn darts and David Axelrod — who’s recovering nicely, we’re happy to report) but many children were. And plenty of unlucky kids rolled their eggs off course into the treacherous fringes of the lawn — where they made some pretty startling discoveries.

Tips on How to Better Enjoy the St. Patrick's Day Parade


Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and all across the nation, parades will be held to celebrate this great occasion. But not all parades are created equal — in fact, some can be downright boring. So it’s up to you to make sure you get the most out of standing on a curb, watching a bunch of people wearing green stumble by. And we’re here to help.

Updated Candy Hearts

It’s that time of year again — Valentine’s Day! And what better way to express one’s love than with cheap, chalky candy hearts? In fact, the only thing worse than the taste is the bland messages printed on them — which is why we’re proud to present this classic MAD piece offering our alternatives!


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