“Papa John” Schnatter: Stingiest Man Alive!


If you thought that the worst thing about Papa John’s Pizza was the pizza, prepare to be stunned! Turns out that the policies of “Papa John” himself, John Schnatter, will leave an even worse taste in your mouth! The chain’s founder and CEO said that Obamacare would cost him too much money and that he’d have to cut the hours of employees eligible for healthcare. It looks like Schnatter just wants a bigger piece of the pie…

Flavors That Won’t Be Winning Lay’s Potato Chip Naming Contest


Have you ever thought, “Boy, I wish I had a shot at deciding the flavor of some new potato chip that’s sure to underperform and be discontinued!”? Well, with Lays’ “Do Us a Flavor” contest, that passing thought can become a mediocre reality! They’re giving a million dollars to the lucky schlub who comes up with the best new potato chip flavor. (A million dollars?

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