MAD’s Batman Special!


We know it’s a little early, but we just had to share! On July 18th, MAD will be releasing a special all-Batman issue to tie in with the release of The Dark Knight Rises! This 80-page special will feature reprints of classic Batman material (SIX movie spoofs! TWO TV show satires! AND the classic Kurtzman/Wood “Bat Boy and Rubin” comic parody!), plus all-new pieces (including a Make-Your-Own Dark Knight sequel!) Check back here for updates!

A Sneak Peek at DC Direct and MAD’s “Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes”

MAD’s own gap-toothed grinning idiot mascot Alfred E. Neuman once again dons the cape…and the cowl…and the bustier…and the rubber ducky inner tube to transform himself into some of our favorite superheroes in a new line of collectible figures from DC Direct! They'll be available April 4, 2012, so start saving your nickels!


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