Glaring Errors and Omissions in the Film "Lincoln"


Representative Joe Courtney of Connecticut sent a letter to Steven Spielberg pointing out an error in his film Lincoln. It seems, at the time, all four of Connecticut’s representatives voted against slavery. In the film, however, Spielberg depicts two representatives as voting FOR slavery. It turns out this is just the opening shot (sorry) in a host of mistakes and omissions in the film that are only now coming to light.

Pepsi’s Rejected Beyoncé-Style Cans


It was announced this week that Pepsi and Beyoncé have become “global partners.” What that means (other than sounding like a “Risk” alliance) is that Beyoncé is getting $50 million to do a bunch of Pepsi stuff — including having her face on Pepsi cans. We figured there must have been other candidates for the job — and luckily, we discovered some of the other celebs Pepsi considered for the can-treatment before they settled on Beyoncé!

Other Presidential Sex Scandals Just Now Coming to Light

A new book by Mimi Alford, a onetime intern of President Kennedy, alleges that JFK carried on a yearlong affair with her—and even offered the then-19-year-old to other White House staffers for sexual favors. While shocking, this kind of behavior is hardly unique. In fact, historians have recently discovered a slew of other presidential indiscretions.

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