People are talking about JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED's Equinox!

Equinox, the newest member of the Justice League, was announced last Friday! You can see our coverage here.

We recommended you tune in to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s The National that night for even more coverage. Did you catch Eli Glasner’s exclusive feature with Jeff Lemire about the new DC Comics teen superhero from Northern Ontario? If not, we’ve got it for you:

Batman Eternal: An Interview with James Tynion IV

We’re celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary all year long, but look for things to shift into a new gear next week with the release of Batman Eternal #1, the first issue of the brand new weekly comic series focused on the Dark Knight and his friends and foes in Gotham. As you can imagine, it’s not easy producing a weekly comic book series, and the challenge is even greater when the series stars one of the most popular super heroes ever created.

Arrow: Caity Lotz Flies as the Canary

The character of the Canary, Arrow’s distinct take on the fishnet-sporting, eardrum-bursting Black Canary, emerged earlier this season and quickly became a fan favorite. The masked identity of Sara Lance (as opposed to Dinah Lance in the comics), the Canary is a breathtaking vigilante who was forged within the League of Assassins and always seems just one small push away from darkness.