Spoiler Alert: Day One

Well, we’ve reached the last month of 2013, and the holidays are upon us. But over here at DC Collectibles, we’re not big on waiting until December 25th to unwrap our gifts. That’s why we’re bringing Spoiler Alert back to for a special December edition. It’s like unwrapping a cool new gift months before it’s even in stores. Only the unwrapping takes about a week and we don’t exactly make it easy for you. (Sorry. We’re Scroogey like that.)

Five Burning Questions About Arrow's Black Canary

For the past two months, Arrow fans have watched in eager anticipation as the enigmatic female figure known as “the Canary” has emerged from the shadows and become an important part of Oliver’s past, present and very likely future.

Of course, anyone who knows comic books and particularly Green Arrow comics knows that “the Canary” is shorthand for Black Canary—Birds of Prey front woman, occasional Oliver Queen paramour and one of the most well-known female characters in comics.