The Dark Knight took WonderCon by storm in a big way during today’s superstar Batman 75th Anniversary panel! Including DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee, animator Bruce Timm, actor Kevin Conroy, director Kevin Smith and radio personality Ralph Garman, the panel dove into rich history of the iconic Super Hero, and touched on exciting new events and releases set to arrive throughout this anniversary year. 

Jim Lee shared what’s in store for Batman on the pages of DC Comics’ best-selling releases, including the brand-new weekly BATMAN ETERNAL.

This Just Happened: Sinestro Powers Up

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read SINESTRO #1 and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

Thaal Sinestro would like nothing more than to live in seclusion, but Lyssa Drak has other plans for the former-leader of the Sinestro Corps. She disturbs his isolation with her arrival and news that he isn’t the sole survivor of Korugar in the universe—a handful of Korugarians have survived the destruction of their world!

Batman: An Anniversary of Action Figures

So, we have this hero that wears a lot of black and he’s celebrating a little anniversary this year. Seventy-five years… Ring any bells?

Yes, of course we’re talking about Batman. We’ve been talking about Batman all month long here on, and for good reason. He’s one of the most popular characters in fiction. Not just in comic fiction—fiction period. Batman’s been around longer than most of us, and yet he’s more popular than ever. That’s why we’re having this 75th anniversary celebration.