Happy Birthday, Sigmund Freud!

Today is Sigmund Freud’s birthday! (Hmmm, that’s funny how close it is to Mother’s Day...very telling.) And we can think of no better tribute to the father of modern psychology than to share a few gags from the classic MAD article "Get a New Psychiatrist If..." (Admittedly, we’re terrible when it comes to thinking up tributes...)

Martha Stewart's Honest Profile


With high-profile stars like Zach Braff pitching projects on Kickstarter, it was inevitable that other sites would also begin hosting notable celebrities desperately in need of...not money, but companionship! It seems that even a one-person conglomerate like Martha Stewart needs some help meeting the guys! (At least she didn’t go to Craigslist!) Of course, on dating sites, being truthful is prized, and that’s why we think “glue gun” Martha should go with our suggestions for a tell-it-like-it-is approach!