Hillary Clinton’s Troubling New Movie


The attack on Libya’s American embassy on Sept. 11 was a tragedy. And as if that weren’t terrible enough, now it’s being said that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mismanaged the situation, and if it had been handled differently, it might have been avoided entirely. As the accusations continue and new evidence comes to light, Hil’s original story about how things went down is holding less and less water. We’ll see how things shake out, but one thing is for sure — it’s tough to find a silver lining in all this.

Chris Christie: Breaking Band


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently revealed that he had undergone lap-band surgery in order to help him get down to his “goal weight” of a svelte 535 pounds. We salute his newfound resolve to lead a healthier life — but, given his donut-inhaling history, we’re a little worried about a relapse. But if such a thing does happen, it will at least make for riveting drama.

Happy Birthday, Sigmund Freud!

Today is Sigmund Freud’s birthday! (Hmmm, that’s funny how close it is to Mother’s Day...very telling.) And we can think of no better tribute to the father of modern psychology than to share a few gags from the classic MAD article "Get a New Psychiatrist If..." (Admittedly, we’re terrible when it comes to thinking up tributes...)