First Look at Week Three of Villains Month: Arcane, Black Hand, Rogues, Shadow Thief, & Deathstroke

Following the events of this summer’s crossover “Trinity War,” a dark shadow will be cast across the DC Universe.

This September, all of the DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 titles will be replaced by Villains books. What happens when the heroes of the DC Universe fall and there’s nobody left to stop the villains from taking over? Find out this fall during Villains Month, which will spotlight 52 of the DC Universe’s biggest rogues in their own one-shots.

5.2 Reasons We Can’t Stop Watching the DC Nation Shorts

As announced on Monday, we’re now adding all of the animated shorts from DC Nation on Cartoon Network to the DC Comics website and YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure. Why? Well, one, because we’re awesome like that, and, two, because those shorts are some of the best things ever and we can’t stop watching them and we only have so much space on our DVRs and if we had to delete one we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves!

Preview of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #16

If Smallville was ready for strange beings on the attack, Washington, DC, certainly is not!

Diana is on the hunt for Steve Trevor, a boy who washed up on Themyscira 20 years ago. Her search brings her to the nation’s capitol, where Director Bones is putting pressure on Senator Kent. What do the mysterious cultists want with the D.E.O. Director? And can Lois Lane hold her own, back-to-back with Diana, when they’re attacked?