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“EARTH 2 is a big step in a new direction for me.

“I haven't previously had many opportunities to work on a truly epic scale but working with James [Robinson], on some of his favorite characters and in our own alternate Earth Two world, is providing me with that platform.

Vertigo announces new ongoing series COLLIDER

At C2E2 Vertigo announced a new ongoing series, COLLIDER.


Wormholes in your kitchen, gravity failures at school, quantum tornadoes tearing through the mid-west…like with all natural disasters, people do what they always do—they adapt and survive.

And if things get really bad, the Federal Bureau of Physics (
FBP) is only a call away.


DC Week-In-Review: April 20

So, can you believe that wedding proposal? It just goes to show that anything can happen at a convention. But emerald-tinted romance wasn’t the only thing in the air this week. There was also plenty of excitement as we unrolled all of our exclusive C2E2 coverage, announced two new digital first series and counted down the days to the beginning of Night of the Owls. And speaking of things we still can’t believe…have you read the ending of BATMAN #8 yet?!


The Swamp Thing Earth Day Sale

Go Green this Earth Day with the SWAMP THING EARTH DAY SALE!



The Swamp Thing Earth Day Sale



Part man, part plant elemental, Swamp Thing first appeared in the pages of HOUSE OF SECRETS and has since become the defender of Earth and the environment as a whole—protecting the world from threats both natural and supernatural!