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A moment of remembrance

Hey Source readers. As most of you know, today is Memorial Day, a time to think back on those brave men and women who gave their lives serving in our armed forces. While we won’t have any new posts today, we ask that you take a moment to reflect on the many heroic individuals who bravely fought for the nation.

The DC offices are closed today in recognition of this day, but we’ll be back tomorrow with our usual dose of excitement.

FABLES TV commercial to air on BBC America!

That's right. This weekend catch the first ever TV commercial for the best-selling comic book series FABLES!

It will debut this Saturday, May 29th during the DOCTOR WHO and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION “WHO-LIDAY WEEKEND TREK” marathon on BBC America.

The marathon starts on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. EST and runs through Monday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Don't miss it!

DC brings back key war titles in September

The DC offices are closed today, so posting will be light. And, I should be well on my ways to a few days of rest in the Florida Keys as you read this. But we do have one cool bit of news for you to carry you through this Memorial Day weekend.

Close out the work week with a ton of WEDNESDAY COMICS extras

I wouldn’t say we’ve saved the best for last. With a project like WEDNESDAY COMICS, every strip was loaded with so much energy and talent, it’s hard to pick your favorite. On sheer numbers alone, though, this posts definitely ends out weeklong spotlight with a bang.

It's the Legion plus Doom Patrol in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34

J. Michael Straczynski and artist Jesus Saiz continue to roll as they present the first part of a two-part story that finds the Legion of Super-Heroes going back in time to find new recruits. Not the first time for the 31st century heroes, but it’s bound to be a little different when the Doom Patrol is involved.

What happens when two unlikely teams are forced to unite? Find out part of the answer below.

THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34 hits today.

[gallery link="file"]

Get an extended look at BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1

Not long ago, we announced that legendary Batman artist Neal Adams would be returning to the streets of Gotham with BATMAN: ODYSSEY, a twelve-part mini-series with a page of teaser art.

Well, as we get closer to the book’s July launch, we’ve got a first look at some interiors from the series, featuring the Dark Knight as only Adams can present him: dynamic, gritty and larger-than-life.

We caught up with the master himself to get his thoughts on the series. Take it away, Neal: